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Required Adventure

In this Adventure, you are encouraged to learn more about your family’s faith traditions. You will complete most of these requirements at home with your family. Faith means having complete trust or confidence in someone or something.  “Trustworthy” is the first part of the Scout Law. Through Aesop’s fable you will learn why being trustworthy is so important.  

This Adventure is commonly done at home with the Cub Scout’s family. If it is being done as a den ensure that every parent and guardian is aware of the content and the activities that the den will do and allow for parents to opt out of doing it as a den activity and choose to complete the requirement at home.


Family & Reverence Adventure This Adventure may be earned by completing the requirements below OR by completing a Religious Emblem of the Cub Scouts family’s choosing.
With your parent or legal guardian talk about your family’s faith traditions. Identify three holidays or celebrations that are part of your family’s faith traditions. Make a craft or work of art of your favorite family’s faith tradition holiday or celebration.
Holiday Mosaic
Energy 2
Supply List3
Prep Time2

Make a construction paper mosaic using your family’s favorite holiday tradition symbol.

  • Colored paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue/glue stick 
  • Pencil 
  • Holiday symbol image for reference, simple symbols would do best for this project 

Before the meeting:  

  1. Ask Cub Scouts to find an image of their family’s favorite holiday symbol to help draw their design and bring it to the meeting. 

During the meeting: 

  1. Have Cub Scouts choose a solid color paper for the background of their mosaic. 
  2. Ask Cub Scouts to draw their favorite holiday symbol as large as they can onto the background paper.  Simple symbols would do best for this project. 
  3. Have Cub Scouts cut or tear small pieces of desired colored paper, no smaller than ½ inch, to create the mosaic pieces. Irregular shapes are encouraged. 
  4. After Cub Scouts have finished creating their small pieces, they may glue the individual pieces onto the drawn shape. They can choose to overlap pieces or choose for them to be close, but not touch. Both create a creative image. 
  5. Encourage Cub Scouts to fill up the entire symbol with cut pieces of colored paper. 
  6. After the glue is dry, have the Cub Scouts display their mosaic. 
Sun Catcher
Energy 2
Supply List3
Prep Time2

Make a sun catcher of a holiday symbol that can be hung in your home. 

  • Black paper 
  • Colored tissue paper, cut to torn into small pieces or strips 
  • Clear contact paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Ribbon/string 
  • Silhouette of a holiday symbol 

Before the Meeting: 

  1. Have Cub Scouts find a simple silhouette of a holiday symbol and bring it to the meeting. 

During the Meeting:  

  1. Have Cub Scouts trace their holiday symbol onto black paper. 
  2. About 1” in from the first line, Cub Scouts should draw a second silhouette of their symbol. 
  3. Cut out both silhouettes to create a black border of their symbol. 
  4. Leaders cut a piece of contact paper a little bit bigger than the Cub Scout’s symbol border and carefully peel away the protective layer, to reveal the sticky side of the contact paper. 
  5. Cub Scouts place the black symbol border onto the sticky side of the contact paper. Note Cub Scouts get one chance to do this, otherwise they would have to start over. 
  6. Once Cub Scouts are happy with their border, they can start placing tissue paper pieces in whatever color pattern they desire onto the sticky part inside their black border. 
  7. After all the sticky has been covered, Cub Scouts can cut away the left-over contact paper from the outside of the symbol.  
  8. The symbol can be hung up on a window using tape or adding a piece of string at the top. 
With your family, attend a religious service OR other gathering that shows how your family expresses reverence.
Attend A Religious Service
Energy 1
Supply List1
Prep Time5

Attend a religious service based on your family’s choosing.

  • This activity is done with your family.

Before the service:

  1. Cub Scout and parent(s) discuss the service they will attend.
    • What is the significance of this service?
    • How often is this service performed?
    • Is the service divided into different parts?  If so, what are they?

After the Service:

  1. Cub Scouts attend a religious service with their parent(s) or legal guardian.
  2. After service Cub Scout and parent(s) discuss what they took away from the service.
    • How did it make you feel?
    • Is there something that inspired you?
    • What parts of the service to like the most?
Attend a celebration at your chartered partner based on a faith tradition.
Energy 2
Supply List1
Prep Time5

Attend a celebration at your chartered partner based on a faith tradition.

This activity is designed if your pack has a faith-based chartered partner. Encourage all members of the den to attend even if it is not their family faith tradition.    

Before the meeting: 

  1. Contact your chartered partner to discuss upcoming services and/or celebrations that the den could attend. 
  2. Request that a member of the chartered partner meet the den before the service to give the den a brief history of the chartered partner and a description of the service they will be attending.  
  3. Send meeting notice of the date/time/location of the den meeting to all parents, guardians, and adult partners in the den a week before the meeting.  
  4. Give all parents, guardians, and adult partners information about the beliefs of the chartered organization and what service the den will be attending.  
  5. Allow parents to opt-out and complete this requirement as a family.  

During the meeting: 

  1. Gather the Cub Scouts and adult partners in the parking lot before entering the chartered partner. 
  2. Have a representative from the chartered partner speak to the den about the history of the charter partner and the service the den will be attending.  Have them review any specific behavior, customs, or traditions to follow during the service. 
  3. Have the representative from the chartered partner bring you inside and guide the den through the service. 
  4. After the service allow time for members of the den to ask questions to the representative of the chartered organization.  
Carry out an act of kindness.
Kindness Jar
Energy 2
Supply List4
Prep Time2

Create an act of kindness jar and complete at least two tasks in the jar. 

  • Jar/small box/can 
  • Ribbons 
  • Stickers 
  • Paper 
  • Glue 
  • Large popsicle sticks 
  • Pen/thin sharpie 

Before the Meeting: 

  1. Cub Scouts asked to bring a small container to the meeting. 
  2. Prepare a list of “kind” jobs that Cub Scouts can do.  This could include: 
    • Write a poem for a parent or sibling 
    • Playing a board game with a sibling 
    • Give a hug to a friend 
    • Give a compliment 
    • Help clear the dinner table 
    • Do a chore without being asked 
    • Send a homemade card to a grandparent 

Or anything else that the Cub Scout thinks is a kind gesture. 

During the Meeting: 

  1. Hand out five to six large popsicle sticks. Ask Cub Scouts to write one kind job per stick they could do for neighbors, friends, or family members. Use the prepared list to give ideas to the Cub Scouts. 
  2. Using craft supplies, Cub Scouts decorate their container. When the container is completed, Cub Scouts can fill the container with their kind job sticks. 
  3. When they are ready to do a kind job, they can  pull a stick out of their container 
Sing With The Elderly
Energy 2
Supply List2
Prep Time5

Sing a song at a retirement community.

Before the Meeting:  

  1. Find a local retirement community and schedule a visit. 
  2. Determine which song Cub Scouts will sing from the Cub Scout Song Book. 

During the Meeting:  

  1. Practice the chosen song. 
  2. Travel to a retirement community and sing the song.  

After the Meeting: 

  1. Send a thank you note expressing appreciation for the opportunity to visit. 
Listen to or read Aesop’s fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” With your den or family discuss why being truthful is important.
Boy Who Cried Wolf
Energy 1
Supply List2
Prep Time2

Read aloud to your den Aesop’s fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” 

  • Wolf handbook

During the Meeting: 

  1. Using the Wolf handbook,  read the Aesop fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”  to your Cub Scouts. 
  2. Discuss with your Cub Scouts the moral of the story.  
  3. Ask your Cub Scouts, how would they change this story as if it happened today.  

Safety Moment

Prior to any activity, use the BSA SAFE Checklist to ensure the safety of all those involved.  

All participants in official BSA Scouting activities should become familiar with the Guide to Safe Scoutingand applicable program literature or manuals.   

Be aware of state or local government regulations that supersede BSA practices, policies, and guidelines.  

To assist in the safe delivery of the program you may find specific safety items that are related to requirements for the Adventure. 

Before conducting a craft activity, review the Craft Tips video (2 minutes 34 seconds.)  

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