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Running With The Pack

Required Adventure

A Cub Scout knows how to stay healthy.  Eating foods that give you proper nutrition, exercising regularly, and getting proper rest are the best ways for you to always be at your best.  


Sample 3 different foods that are naturally 3 different colors. The food must be a protein, vegetable, fruit, dairy, or a grain.
Tasting Colors
Energy 2
Supply List3
Prep Time2

Experience a burst of deliciousness with natural-colored foods. 

  • Plates 
  • Napkins 
  • Sliced strawberries (or another red food) 
  • Bananas (or another yellow food) 
  • Cheddar cheese squares (or another orange food) 
  • Sliced avocados/lime juice (or another green food) 
  • Cooked brown rice (or another earth tone food) 
  • Serving ware

Before the Meeting: 

  1. Wash and slice strawberries (or wash and slice all fruits and vegetables). 
  2. Cut and slice avocado (store with lime juice to prevent browning). 
  3. Cook brown rice. 
  4. Cut cheese into cubes. 
  5. Store food appropriately. 

During the Meeting: 

  1. Give Cub Scouts a plate and napkin. 
  2. Allow each Cub Scout to select strawberries, banana, cheese squares, avocados, and a spoonful of rice. Encourage them to select at least three different colored foods. 
  3. Allow each Cub Scout to try the foods.
Demonstrate the proper way to brush your teeth.
A Giant’s Toothbrush
Energy 4
Supply List3
Prep Time2

Draw a giant a mouth and use a broom to practice brushing teeth.

  • Sidewalk chalk 
  • Broom(s) 
  • Place to draw 
    • Concrete and asphalt surfaces work best. 
    • Large cardboard box 
  • Sand or dirt

Before the meeting:  

  1. Find a location to draw teeth. 
  2. Draw top and bottom row of teeth, one set per Cub Scout. Make each tooth no less than 6” by 6”. 
  3. Place sand or dirt on the teeth. 

 During the meeting:      

  • Demonstrate the proper way to brush teeth. 
  • Using that technique, each Cub Scout should brush away the sand from the giant teeth. 
Clean Chompers
Energy 2
Supply List2
Prep Time1

Turn daily teeth-brushing routine into a fun and exciting activity.

  • Device to stream/play music 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Toothbrush 
  • Sink 
  • Water 
  • Paper Cups 
  • Paper towel for wiping face

Before the Meeting: 

  1. Contact a local dentist for toothbrush and toothpaste. 
  2. OR ask parents to send along a toothbrush and toothpaste. 
  3. Ask parents about any allergies or special needs with teeth brushing.

During the Meeting:       

  1. Explain and demonstrate the proper way to brush teeth using the American Dental Association video. 
  2. Guide Cub Scouts in using proper teeth brushing technique without using toothpaste. 
  3. Turn on a fun song that is around 2 minutes in length (such as baby shark, etc.) Or set a timer for 2 minutes. 
  4. Each Cub Scout places a small amount of toothpaste on their toothbrush and brush teeth using the practiced motions for the duration of the song or the timer 
  5. Cub Scouts use paper cups filled with water to rinse out their mouths and spit water into sink. 
Tooth Experts
Energy 1
Supply List2
Prep Time5

​Invite a dental care professional to a Cub Scout den meeting to discuss the importance of oral hygiene.

  • Dental Care Professional 
  • Tooth Experts worksheet found in Additional Resources 
  • Printer  

Before the meeting: 

  1. One to 2 weeks prior to the den meeting, invite a dental professional from your community to the den meeting. 
  2. Print the Tooth Experts worksheet, one for each Cub Scout. 

During the meeting: 

  1. Give the professional 15-20 minutes to speak about oral hygiene covering why it is important and how to take care of their teeth.      
  2. Provide time for Cub Scouts to ask questions.  
  3. Thank your guest for coming. 
  4. Pass out the Tooth Experts, “How I Brush my Teeth” chart to Cub Scouts. Ask them to fill it out at home. 

After the meeting:      

  1. Write a thank you note to the dentist. 

Tooth Experts worksheet

Be active for 30 minutes with your den or at least 1 other person that includes both stretching and moving.
Energy 5
Supply List3
Prep Time2

Play a game of kickball.

  • Open Field 
  • Kickball or Soccer Ball 
  • Base Markers 

Before the meeting: 

  1. Find an open field and set up the bases to look like a baseball field. 

During the meeting: 

  1. Split your den into 2 teams (yellow team, blue team). Include parents and adults that are in attendance. 
  2. Each team will take turns playing offense and defense. 
  3. Have the yellow team on the field first. 
  4. The pitcher rolls the ball on the ground to the kicker, who is by home plate. 
  5. The kicker kicks the ball and runs to 1st base. 
  6. To get a player out:  players must try to catch the ball before it hits the ground, tag the runner with the ball without throwing it, or tag the base before the runner gets there. 
  7. Once 3 players are out, the teams switch spots. 
  8. Players score when they cross home plate. 
  9. The team with the most runs wins.
Ride A Bike
Energy 5
Supply List5
Prep Time2

Take a bike ride.

  • Open Area/Parking lot 
  • Bicycles 
  • Helmets 
  • Watch video Cub Scout Six Essentials 
    • Filled water bottle 
    • First-Aid Kit 
    • Whistle 
    • Flashlight 
    • Sun protection 
    • Trail food 
  • Closed toed shoes 

Before the meeting: 

  1. Locate an appropriate location for bike riding. 

During the meeting: 

  1. Review proper helmet fitting and bicycle safety rules. 
  2. Have those riding bicycles, put on their helmets.  Check for proper fitting. 
  3. Cub Scouts and adults ride around the location for at least 30 minutes. 
Toss And Catch
Energy 5
Supply List3
Prep Time2

Find a ball and play a game of catch.

  • Open Area 
  • ​​​​​​​Soccer ball​​, one for each set of two Cub Scouts

Before the meeting: 

  1. Locate an open area.

During the meeting: 

  1. Divide Cub Scouts into buddies. 
  2. Give each set of buddies a ball. 
  3. Instruct Cub Scouts to toss the ball back and forth, trying to catch it each time it comes to them. 
  4. Make the game harder: Have Cub Scouts take a step back each time they catch it.
Be active for 10 minutes doing personal exercises.
Chat With A Personal Trainer
Energy 1
Supply List1
Prep Time5

Invite a fitness professional to your Cub Scout den meeting to discuss the importance of exercise. 

  • Exercise Professional 
  • Chat with a Personal Trainer worksheet found in Additional Resources 
  • Printer  
  • Pencils  

Before the meeting: 

  1. One to 2 weeks prior to den meeting, research and invite an exercise professional from your community to your den meeting. 
  2. Print Chat with a Personal Trainer worksheet, one for each Cub Scout. 

During the meeting: 

  1. Discuss Cub Scout expectations when having a guest speaker 
    • Raise hands 
    • No running around 
    • Listening ears 
  2. Allow professionals to speak about how to create a workout plan and the importance of exercise. Schedule  15-20 minutes for the speaker. 
  3. Have Cub Scouts ask any questions 
  4. Thank your guest for coming. 
  5. Hand out worksheets to Cub Scouts and fill out together. 

After the meeting: 

  1. Write a thank you note to the guest speaker. 

Chat with a Personal Trainer worksheet

Circuit Exercises
Energy 5
Supply List2
Prep Time3

Create a short workout to explore different exercises. 

  • Tennis Shoes 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Jump rope 
  • Circuit Exercises cards found in Additional Resources 
  • Printer  
  • Timer  

Before the meeting: 

  1. Cub Scouts and adults wear comfortable closed toe shoes. 
  2. Everyone should have a water bottle. 
  3. Gather jump ropes. 
  4. Set up a small area for each of the circuit exercises. Setting up all the exercises in a circle works best. 
  5. Print a set of Circuit Exercises cards. 

During the meeting: 

  1. Gather Cub Scouts and put the exercise cards into the middle of the table.  
  2. Ask each Cub Scout to choose one card to add to the circuit.  This will be the first exercise they do in the circuit. 
  3. After all Cub Scouts have chosen their card, ask them to go to the designated area set up for the exercise. 
  4. Set a timer for 1 minute.  Cub Scouts are to do their exercise for one minute. 
  5. After 1 minute, all Cub Scouts shift over to the next exercise in the circuit.  Start the time again.  
  6. After all Cub Scouts have done the circuit one time, have a 2-minute rest. And then start again. 
  7. Cub Scouts complete the exercise circuit three times.

Circuit Exercises​ cards

Go For A Walk
Energy 4
Supply List1
Prep Time1

Take a walk outside.

  • ​​Cub Scouts Six Essentials
    • Filled water bottle
    • First-Aid Kit
    • Whistle
    • Flashlight
    • Sun protection
    • Trail food
  • ​​Appropriate footwear for walking​
  • Area to walk around

​​​Before the meeting:​​

  1. Find an area to walk:
  2. Instruct ​Cub Scouts and adults​ to wear comfortable closed toe shoes.
  3. ​​Remind Cub Scouts to bring their Cub Scout Six Essentials.​

​​​During the meeting:

  1. ​Cub Scouts walk around the selected location for a minimum of 10 minutes.​​
Do a relaxing activity for 10 minutes.
Listen To Music
Energy 1
Supply List2
Prep Time2

Some music can relax us by engaging our senses and creating a calming effect.

  • Device to listen music on
  • R​elaxing​ music

​​​Before the meeting:​​

  1. S​elect relaxing ​music.

​​​During the meeting:​​

  1. ​​Have the Cub Scouts l​isten to music.
  2. ​​​Ask Cub Scouts if they have any music that relaxes them. Try to find it on your device if possible and listen to it.
Story Time
Energy 1
Supply List2
Prep Time1

Read an article from Scout Life magazine to the Cub Scouts.

  • Quiet Location
  • ​​Copy of Scout Life magazine​​ ​
  • Comfy Chair/Pillow

​​​During the Meeting:​​

  1. ​​Allow Cub Scouts to ​each ​choose a comfortable location​.​ ​ ​​​​
  2. ​​​Read an article from Scout Life magazine to Cub Scouts.​​

Safety Moment

Prior to any activity, use the BSA SAFE Checklist to ensure the safety of all those involved.  

All participants in official BSA Scouting activities should become familiar with the Guide to Safe Scoutingand applicable program literature or manuals.   

Be aware of state or local government regulations that supersede BSA practices, policies, and guidelines.  

To assist in the safe delivery of the program you may find specific safety items that are related to requirements for the Adventure. 

Before starting this Adventure: 

  • Review the Food Allergies safety moment. 
  • Review each Cub Scouts BSA Annual Health and Medical Record for any food allergies or restrictions.  
  • Ask if any member of the den, youth, or adult, has any religious, or cultural dietary concerns. 
  • there is someone in the den, youth, or adults, who carries an EpiPen due to severe allergies make sure that at least one other adult knows how to administer the EpiPen. To learn more, review this Safety Moment on anaphylaxis 
  • Review the Keep Your Food Safe guide to properly keep, store, and prepare food. 

For requirement 2, follow the ADA guide for proper brushing techniques. 

For requirement 3, if doing the “Ride a Bike” activity: 

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